The History of Augustana Lutheran Church

                                                                                                                               (from published records of the church)

October 1, 1915-1916     First Negro Lutheran services held in Alexandria, Louisiana in the home of Mr. Eddie Evans, (in Hovell’s Alley) Alexandria, Louisiana with Rev. E.R. Berger from Napoleonville, Louisiana; thereafter worship services were held once a month until 1917.

1917-1922                           Monthly worship services were discontinued, many Lutheran families moved to other areas.  However, periodic worship services were held in Alexandria, Louisiana, by Rev. W. J. Trevalon, Pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Mansura, Louisiana.

June 10, 1923                     Worship services resumed every Sunday evening at the home of Mr. Eddie Joshua and Mrs. Gertrude Joshua.  Regular missionary work began in the Alexandria area, at the request of Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCSM) missionary board.

September 1923               First Negro Lutheran Parochial School in Alexandria, Louisiana was established.  The school was located in an empty corner store, on the corner of Lower Third Street and Leland Street.  Mrs. Irene Anderson, from New Orleans, Louisiana was the teacher with a beginning enrollment of fifty-nine children.

September 1924               Rev. Eugene R. Berger was installed as the first permanent pastor of the newly organized congregation.  The name Augustana was suggested by C.F. Drewes, Director of Missions Syndical Board for Missions.  Membership:  baptized members and confirmed adults-24, communicants-16.  Worship services were held in an old house on the corner of Lower Third and Leonard Street.

1925                                      Augustana’s present location at 2732 Lower Third Street, Alexandria, Louisiana, between Williamson Street and Neal Alley was purchased by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) Missionary Board  in the amount of $1879.00.

1926                                      Church membership had grown from 34 to 57. A new school project began.  The projected cost of the new school was $6,000.00 Augustana’s Sunday school students and the day school students raised $3979.29. The additional balance needed for completion of the school was raised by Sunday school children of the English District of New York.  The actual cost of the project was $5,989.00.  Mr. J. J. Steher and Rev. C. Germant of Redeemer Lutheran Church, Alexandria, Louisiana assisted in the purchase of the land; they donated the lumber.

1927                                      Augustana Lutheran Church 2732 Lower Third Street, Alexandria, Louisiana dedication.

1930                                      Membership: 99

1932                                      Membership:  baptized members 104, communicants 50, day school enrollment 107; Rev. and Mrs. Berger served as teachers.

July 26, 1936                      Members surprised Rev. Berger at an evening worship service with a celebration in honor of his 25th Anniversary in the ministry.

1938                                      Ladies Aid (LWML) donated paint for improvements of    interior of the church.  Also, the LWML purchased new hymnals for the congregation.

               1944                                      Sunday school attendance 106, day school enrollment- 133 children,                           staff- two teachers

               1946                                      Interior of the church improved with funds donated from the lady’s aid

1950                                    Membership:  baptized members 112, communicants 54, day school enrollment 78 children

                                                           1951                                      Men’s Club organized.

                                                           1954                                      Membership:  baptized members -146, communicants-64, day school
                                                            enrollment 76, staff- two teachers

1957                                      Membership:  baptized members, 146, communicants 70, Sunday school-66, staff-three teachers day school enrollment 67 students, staff-two teachers

1960                                      Vicar Beaufort installed to assist Rev. Berger.

June 2, 1962                       Pastor Rev. Berger’s date of death

1962                                      Vacancy Pastor was Rev. Hellman (1962-1963) Redeemer   Lutheran Church.

Vestry built.

1963                                      Rev. Moses Clark accepted a call to Augustana and served as dual pastor to St. Paul, Mansura, Louisiana.

1965                                      Membership:  baptized members 95, communicants 54, and Sunday school attendance 30, staff-three teachers; day school enrollment 36 children, teacher, Miss Lela Kidd.

1969                                      Rev. Clark accepted a call to Atmore, Alabama, Ebenezer Lutheran Church.

1969-1971                           Augustana worship services conducted by Rev. L. E. Delgehausen.  Membership:  baptized members 90, communicants 60, Sunday school attendance 34 staff-3 teachers; Augustana’s Kindergarten established with fifteen (15) children.

August 1, 1971                  Rev. Thomas Noon installed as pastor of Augustana and dual pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Mansura, Louisiana.

October 1972                     Augustana’s Day Care Center licensed by the state of Louisiana.   Day Care Center received $2,500 grant from the LWML.

               1973                                     The Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance Company donated $374.00. The                       Red River Branch of Lutheran Brotherhood donated $200.00 to be utilized for improvements to               the day care center.  1st annual LWML tea held.

1974                                      Membership:  baptized members 115,communicants 80  Church Council organized.  Elders reorganized.  Augustana Day Care Center student enrollment 40, staff members-five.

1976                                      Rev. Noon accepted a call to St. Paul Lutheran Church in Birmingham, Alabama.



1976-2012                         Augustana has been served by several pastors and vicars:

                                                    Rev. Walter Schmidt

                                                   Layman Edmund Gonzales

                                                   Rev. Robert “Bob” Martinek (Respectively)

                                                             2012-present                     Rev. William H. Vogt